I’m Maja Bäckvall, an academic and writer based in Uppsala, Sweden. As a historical linguist, I’m an expert in Old Norse and runes, earning my PhD in Scandinavian Languages from Uppsala University in 2013.

My interactive fiction is often based on my research interests: runestones, medieval manuscripts and Old Norse poetry, to name a few.  I like to take the things I know and view them from a different perspective. My current work in progress is a science fiction story based on medieval pilgrimage, a project which was part of a mentorship programme at the British game writing company Talespinners. The sample chapter I did during the programme can be played here.

I also do work translating into Old Norse for games and have worked on Civilization VI and God of War (see Translations and Runes for Games).



E-mail: maja.m.backvall@gmail.com

Twitter: @SkrivaFel